Trophée Lionell Van Der Houwen 2020 – EMRT Stop 1

Grade 3 sailing Match Race from 21st to 23rd February in Antibes, France.

This event will be the first stop of the 2020 European Match Race Tour.


Thimoté Polet’s team with Lucas Peuziat, Swann Pain and Emilien Polaert
1Thimoté POLETfrance36
2Sylvain ESCURATfrance68
3Amaury BERGERfrance49
4Arthur BARRUEfrance42
5Jelmer VAN BEEKnetherlands12
6Lars HUECKSTAEDTgermany82
7Anna ÖSTLINGsweden34
8Margot VENNINfrance129
9Edouard AMATTEnew caledonia431
10Kio DIMETTOfrance667

*World Sailing ranking date: 12 February 2020